“They may have been the first women in those positions, but they are also the first women to revert the organization to a less evolved state to what I called in the pre-9/11 days as the ‘BBQ Days,’” wrote the soldier, who further accused Aguigui of Gestapo like tactics.

“There is an unofficial term circulating throughout the organization Tight With [the] Delfins aka TWD aka ‘The Walking Dead.’ Those who are affiliated with or have ever affiliated with or are believed to have shown loyalty to Colonels Romeo and Ronnie Delfin are labeled TWD. Those loyal to the Command Team are told to collect information and report on the activities on those labeled TWD,” continued the letter.

The anonymous soldier in her letter names 14 soldiers and airmen who she says have been transferred out, further stating that they represent only a small number of the stories of injustice within the Guard.

“Governor, we are not asking you to relieve the Adjutant General despite it being the quickest and easiest solution. We just want your assistance to stop the madness. If you could please set up a closed door forum where our identities were protected, many of us would be happy to speak to you one-on-one to better explain our positions, talk about the illegal actions that have taken place since the appointment of Lt. Col. Aguigui, and describe the Gestapo-like biased investigations against innocent soldiers,” the letter concluded, “We submit this letter anonymously for fear of reprisal.”

Fonte: https://pncguam.com/natgu-soldier-asks-governor-for-closed-door-meeting/

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