There is now a growing consensus that American democracy needs to be saved by Mark Zuckerberg. People from Sen. Elizabeth Warren to Aaron Sorkin are demanding that Facebook stop running obviously false political advertising.

Let’s take the ad that the Trump campaign ran recently on Facebook that provoked the furious backlash.

So Trump’s claim is almost certainly false, but that is my judgment based on my understanding of the facts and context.

Broadcast networks cannot censor political ads because doing so would be considered an infringement of free speech on their large public platforms.

Facebook, of course, is a larger platform than all the networks combined.

Many argue that Zuckerberg is being disingenuous when he claims that Facebook is a neutral platform, open to all views equally.

Weinstein argues, they distrust government even more than they do the tech companies. They want Facebook to regulate American democracy.

American democracy should regulate Facebook.


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