November 8 – First Lady Debbie Remengesau
joined First Lady Akie Abe, The Nature Conservancy’s Global Managing Director
Maria Damanaki and Sailors for the Sea – Japan President Minako Iue and a group
of dynamic, influential women at the “Leading
Women in Ocean Forum”
held in Yokohama, Japan on November 6, 2019.

During the one-day event, the
leaders discussed dire challenges facing the world’s ocean including fisheries,
plastic pollution and illegal, unregulated and unlicensed fishing (IUU) and how
women can play a critical role in creating solutions to protect our ocean

Keeping the momentum going, The
Leading Women for the Ocean Network was launched during the event. This newly
designed platform of the world’s top female leaders aims to bring the leaders
together, through the wisdom and power of women, to lead ocean conservation
activities to protect and conserve the ocean for generations to come.

First Lady Remengesau, a new
member of The Leading Women for the Ocean Network, expressed her appreciation
and commitments to bring about change and promote messages of sustainability.
“As mothers, we are passionate about providing a good environment to sustain
our children and future generations”, First Lady Remengesau stated.

Through the Network, the women leaders
plan to convene several times in spring 2020 leading up to Our Ocean 2020 in

The “Leading Women in Ocean Forum” successfully brought together, prominent
women and men leading conservation efforts, including President/CEO of Pacifico
Yokohama Kozue Nakayama, former Indonesia Minister of Marine Affairs and
Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti, Walton Family Foundation Program Officer Teresa Ish
and President of Ocean Policy Research Institute SPF Dr. Atsushi Sunami among
other distinguished leaders.

The Leading Women for the Ocean Network is founded by First Lady Akie Abe and Maria Damanaki. The event was hosted by the Nature Conservancy and the Sailors for the Sea – Japan powered by Oceana, with support from the Galaxy Entertainment Japan.

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