The president of the Republic, Lenín Moreno, asked the leadership of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) to fulfill his promise. The President reminded him that the movement promised to participate in the dialogue tables.

President Moreno demands Conaie to keep his word

He also stressed that until the talks are concluded there will be no new decree. The Head of State made these statements in the Dialogue for Peace, which was fulfilled in the Presidential Palace.

The meeting was attended by representatives of social sectors, unions, students, producers, transporters, taxi drivers, etc. In total 60 organizations attended. The purpose of the meetings is to create a new decree that focuses on the subsidy of gasoline and that does not affect vulnerable populations, but is not used by smugglers.

The Conaie justified his absence. In a public statement, he said he would not attend since “they had a meeting already scheduled with representatives of the United Nations Organization and the Episcopal Conference.”

In the afternoon the indigenous movement handed over to the authorities of the Catholic Church and the UN the document prepared by 180 social organizations that were part of the Peoples’ Parliament.

The president said he is worried about this attitude and called on the indigenous leadership. “The resolutions were quite clear, the President relented decree 883 (…) there was a compromise where it was clearly stated that the preparation of a new decree that would focus the subsidy and allow it to be fair and equitable will begin immediately,” he said. The Head of State

The President clarified that, during the first dialogue table, held during the strike, he relied on the word of the leadership of the Conaie. “The word is honor. I saw a video of the dear Leonidas Iza saying that they will not go to the dialogue, that they are preparing, secretly, a new model of national project, when they asked us to do everything in an open way ”, he said.

In addition, the President reminded the leaders of the Conaie that one of its principles is not to lie: “Do not lie, I want to remind you in case you have occurred to incur this premise, there is no way to lie, the word of the human being, of a president and a social leader must be not to lie ”.

For his part, Finance Minister Richard Martínez emphasized that the dialogue process will be maintained with social organizations. The agenda will be expanded to address issues of agricultural production and economic recovery. Martínez summarized the results of the topics discussed at the meeting: academic commitment to analyze targeting, improvement of access to credits, in regulatory aspects and equipment tariffs. In addition to including aspects to improve labor reform.

Miguel García, representative of the Federation of Public Servants, suggested that targeting should have a parameter that normalizes the activity of public transport workers.

“What we should subsidize is the service, not the business, there are people who have up to 10 taxis, five heavy transport vehicles. The suggestion is a transport a subsidy, in addition, in the case of taxi drivers they must insure their drivers ”. While María Paula Romo, Minister of Government, commented that several proposals have emerged these days.

“We talked about what would be the best mechanisms for the subsidy not to go to illegal activities and to those who do not need it.”


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