According to the operations reports of Police of Armenia, 65 cases of crime were detected by officers of various police subdivisions in the territory of the republic from October 31 to November 1, 3 of which were earlier committed crimes.

Among recorded crimes are 14 cases of infliction of bodily harm, 13 cases of personal theft, 5 cases of drug detection, 4 cases of fraud and smuggling, 3 cases of abuse of authority, 2 cases of misappropriation or embezzlement, counterfeiting, hooliganism, official forgery or official negligence,

According to the source, 4 wanted persons have been detected, another one turned himself in to the Police, 1 case of voluntary surrender of arms and ammunition has been registered.
From earlier committed crimes 2 cases of personal theft and robbery have been solved.

Over the past 1 day, 8 accidents have been registered in the republic: 12 people received bodily injuries of different levels of severity.


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