Kayleigh Lewis, front right, president of the Scarborough Secondary student council discusses the plight of students during a protest last week. – DAVID REID

Scarborough Secondary School resumed classes on Tuesday, more than a week after lighting and electrical problems led to a virtual shutdown.

The resumption of classes came after a meeting at the school on Monday, which included senior management of the Division of Education, Innovation and Energy, the school’s TTUTA representative, PTA president and an inspector from the office of the Electrical Inspectorate.

In a statement dated October 28, the division confirmed the school had been given the all-clear to resume.

According to the division, electrical inspector Anthony James told the team while there is work to be completed before the school can receive a passing certificate of inspection, , having recently undergone some repairs and upgrades, it “is safe from any foreseeable evacuation and declared safe for staff and students to occupy.”

The division said stakeholders at the meeting have agreed to continue working together to ensure a safe working environment for staff and students and minimal disruption to classes.

Last week, the school was the focus of attention when a burning scent on Tuesday led to the evacuation of Block A.

School officials later learned the scent was caused by overheating lighting fixtures in Block A.

An investigation by fire officials revealed the electrical system for the fixtures had failed.

At a lunchtime protest last Thursday, students demanded the Tobago House of Assembly build a new school.

Chief Secretary and Secretary for Education, Innovation and Energy Kelvin Charles told a news conference plans are on stream to build a new school.

He said a parcel of land has already been identified but did not say where, or whether the school will be renamed if/when it is relocated.

“We are in the process of doing a valuation on that parcel of land after which, of course, the process of acquisition will begin,” he told reporters.

Fonte: https://newsday.co.tt/2019/10/30/classes-safe-to-resume-at-scarborough/

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