One of the problems of the livestock sector is the cattle raising, until the fortnight of August 2019 the Prosecutor’s Office of Guayas has received 120 complaints for theft of cattle.

Farmers rely on technology to stop theft

The situation has been analyzed for years, however it is not possible to stop the actions of criminals, in the province of Guayas in 2018 231 robberies were reported, 18 more than in 2017. At least last year the cases of robbery of cattle did not go down, and that the farmers once and again have indicated that all thefts are reported.

In previous interviews, farmers have asked to increase the penalty for abuse, which goes from 3 to 5 years. Until the National Assembly analyzes the security situation in the haciendas, the Livestock and Galápagos Livestock Association signed a strategic alliance with the Claro company.

Surveillance cameras that send information to cell phones or computers are going to be installed, so the farmer can see if there is an unusual movement of cows or horses and notify the National Police.

It is estimated that the investment is about $ 400, for the video surveillance service, but the price varies according to the need of each farm.

For the guild this is another tool that adds to the fight to curb the lack of responsibility, the authorities are expected to act in favor of formal work and make criminals pay the penalties indicated by the Law, it has been shown that by reducing the time they must be in jail, they leave to continue stealing cattle.


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