Afrik Mag | After he was left out of Cameroon’s U17 FIFA World Cup squad, FC Barcelona legend Samuel Eto’o’s son has now explained why he wants to represent the African nation instead of his country of birth, Spain.

Etienne Eto’o, who captains Mallorca’s U17 side in Spain, was recently left out of Cameroon’s U17 team, apparently because he is not based in Africa.

The youngster has now discussed his disappointment at the setback, and stated that, while he holds Spain close to his heart, he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps on the international stage with Cameroon.

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“I have to go back and continue working to grow in the football world,” Etienne told Kick442.

“I decided to come and represent the U17 Lions of Cameroon. I can’t lie to you, Spain is also my country, but Cameroon, I really feel Cameroonian.

“My father achieved a lot with Cameroon, and I will like to emulate or try to match his achievements with my country Cameroon.

“Yes, it is very difficult to handle this situation, but I am very excited to be back with the U20, U23s and why not the senior team one day if God wants.

“The qualifiers of the U20 AFCON is the next possible event for me, I am very excited to play for Cameroon. Though Spain is my country for now, Cameroon is my choice.”


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