The flyer advertising the party. –

THE Housing Development Corporation (HDC) says every effort will be made to ensure that a party on one of its properties will not happen.

The party, marketed as “Hula Cooler, Bikini Splash” is scheduled for Sunday from 9pm to 3am in “illegal” structures built on HDC reserve land near Bon Air Gardens, Arouca.

In a statement on Thursday, the HDC said it did not give any approval for the party.

“Over the last two years, the HDC has adopted a firm approach in relation to illegal occupancy, trespassing and the construction of illegal structures. As such, due process will be followed in this matter to ensure that these structures are removed.”

The HDC said it urges all homeowners who are in breach, and individuals who have decided to trespass and construct illegal structures on HDC-owned land, to do the right thing and rectify the situation before the HDC resorts to demolishing the structures.

It said the police has been notified and is expected to provide support and guidance on the matter.


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