Olympiacos hooligans attacked Bayern Munich fans with sticks and fireworks ahead of the youth game between the two teams in Piraeus on Tuesday evening.

At least four German fans of Bayern Munich were injured when dozens of men barged into Olympiacos’ training center in Rendi, Athens, during a game between the two clubs’ under-19 teams Youth League and attacked them.

The incident took place just hours before a Champions League match between the two clubs in Piraeus.

According to initial information, over 60 hooligans wearing hoods arrived on motorcycles shortly before 7 p.m., entered the center and attacked the German fans who were sitting at the stands.

Olympiacos was quick to condemn the attack saying in a statement “the indruders have nothing to do with the family of Olympiacos.

Bayern Munich is scheduled to play Olympiacos at 10 p.m. (local) at Karaiskakis Stadium.

Fonte: https://www.keeptalkinggreece.com/2019/10/22/olympiacos-bayern-hooligans-attack/

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