The price controls in the markets of Quito left as balance two detained merchants, in the Wholesale Market, southern sector of Quito.

The Municipality of Pichincha carried out control operations since Friday, in order to verify that the prices of the products do not increase their value.

Intendance controls prices in the market

Commissioner Andrea Jiménez, mentioned that some products have no variation, including blackberry and pineapple.

The products of the Sierra such as corn, potatoes, among others, do have increases.

Cristian Paredes, deputy assistant of Pichincha, mentioned that the controls will be daily and that in the wholesale markets there are major problems.

In Guayaquil, in the Montebello Wholesale market, citizens complained that the products were sold at high prices, especially the potato: a pound that they previously got from $ 0.25 to $ 0.30 they bought it at $ 0 , 70 and $ 0.80.

The governor of Guayas, Pedro Pablo Duart, said that from October 3 to 6, 153 operations have been carried out.

“The controls left 27 detainees. From the first day we committed ourselves to enforce the citizens pocket. You will not be allowed to speculate. ”

In Montebello, yesterday morning, they arrested four merchants and one day before, nine people for the violation contemplated in article 321 of the Organic Integral Criminal Code.

The regulations establish that the person who, without legal authorization, increases the values ​​of the products subject to official prices, will be sanctioned with imprisonment for 15 to 30 days.



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