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FORMER RTÉ reporter Damien Tiernan has called Room to Improve “disgusting” and “pathetic” in an online rant.

Mr Tiernan worked with the national broadcaster for 23 years as their South East correspondent before leaving earlier this year as part of the exit scheme.

He didn’t hold back on Sunday night as he criticised Room to Improve and host Dermot Bannon.

He said on Twitter: “That Room to Improve is a disgusting programme. At no time does Bannon question the morality of what he is promoting.

“It’s a complete cod of a programme that plays on people’s greed, opulence and avarice. And RTE promotes it as entertainment? Pathetic. They should be ashamed.”

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Damien Tiernan

He continued to say he feels the popular home renovations show needs an overhaul, as he deemed it “shockingly bad.”

“Sorry but am waiting years to say those words! Thought there might just ‘might’ have been a change or realisation of a changed world in past few seasons but no…and as a conceptual prog, it’s shockingly bad,” Mr Tiernan said.

His remarks were met with a mixed reaction online.

One person said: “Agree 100%, I watched one episode when it started and realised nah, not for me. I’m probably in the minority though, unreal amounts of money being spent.”

Another disagreed, noting: “These people earned their money quite rightly so why not be able to spend it on whatever they like? They’re surely not offending anyone I can’t quite get the upset.”

A spokeswoman for RTÉ declined to comment on Mr Tiernan’s remarks when contacted by

Mr Tiernan announced that he was leaving RTÉ in January and took up his new role as with Waterford’s WLR FM on February 4.

He told at the time that it wasn’t an easy decision to make.

Mr Tiernan said: “I obviously thought long and hard about it. RTÉ has been very good to me.”

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