“The patent lawsuit we filed with the U.S. agency and the U.S. court is completely different from the lawsuit with the local court in terms of the extent of a right,” an LG Chem official said.

“Based on the principle of patent independence which means a country can define the scope of the rights and validity of a patent, the scope of the patentee’s rights can be different in each country,” the official added.

LG Chem elaborated that its U.S. patent lawsuit against SK is similar with the lawsuit with Chinese battery maker ATL. LG filed a patent lawsuit with a U.S. court in 2017 against ATL, claiming the Chinese company had infringed on three of its battery separator patents. LG’s technology was recognized and the company won a settlement and license agreement with ATL.

“Regarding the SRS technology, LG Chem has built a strong patent portfolio with some 800 patents in many countries including Korea, the U.S., European countries, China and Japan,” the LG Chem official said.

Fonte: http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/tech/2019/09/133_276352.html

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