19 communities of Armenia are set to hold local self-government elections on Sunday, September 29, Panorama.am learnt from the Central Electoral Commission, adding 6 of which are snap elections. According to the source, elections will be held in communities of Shirak, Tavush, Gegharkunik, Ararat, Lori, Armavir and Aragatsotn provinces. Under the Electoral Code of Armenia, pre-election campaigning and political advertising are banned the day before the vote. On the Day of Silence, candidates and parties are not allowed to hold rallies, meetings or distribute leaflets.

In 12 of the communities the voters will elect the head of community and the Council of Elders in six communities and only in one community the head and the members of the Council of Elders will be voted for. Overall, 103 candidates are nominated for the seats 12 of which are females.

2173474Armenian church commemorates St. Gevorg the Captain, Adoktos and Romanos the Singer

The Armenian Apostolic Church marks today the commemoration of St. Gevorg the Captain (St. George the Warrior). As qahana.am reports, he was born in a pious Christian family. Becoming a soldier of the Roman Army in a short period he deserves the honor of becoming Captain thanks to his courage and devotion. During the council convened by the Roman Emperor Dioklethianos he opposes to his plans on Christians’ execution, and thus the fact that he is Christian, is revealed. The King, becoming surprised and astonished, orders to imprison the Captain and subjects him to severe torments. Many people, among them the Queen Alexandria, become Christians thanks to the preaching of St. George.

After the King’s repeated requests St. Gevorg finally agrees to offer sacrifice to the idols. However, reaching the heathen church he breaks all idols one by one. For this act the King orders to behead St. Gevorg and he is martyred in about 303 A. D.

St. Romanos the Singer (the Melodist) is considered to be the author and creator of the church hymns’ canons. He has served as a deacon in the Church of St. Sophia, of Constantinople. Many people have mocked at him for his being unable to sing and read well. Once St. Mary appears to him in his dream and giving him a paper roll, orders to eat it. After the dream Romanos is granted the virtue to create and sing church hymns and songs. St. Romanos passes away in 556 A. D.

Fonte: https://www.panorama.am/en/news/2019/09/28/Silence-day/2173488

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