MOSCOW, September 24./TASS/. Moscow has more than 640 centenarians, the press service of the Moscow Mayor and the Moscow Government reported on Tuesday.

“Moscow holds leading position among the world’s biggest cities in terms of its demographic profile. As many as 646 Muscovites are aged 100+,” the report said.

It said more than 2.2 million elderly Muscovites are entitled to social benefits and payments, including more than two million pensioners getting pension supplements. An average life expectancy in the city has reached 78 years against 74.2 years in 2010.

Twenty-one percent of Moscow pensioners continue their working carrier, the press service said. This year, about 17,300 people of retirement and preretirement age have turned to the city employment service, and more than 4,000 people have undergone training to improve their professional and personal competencies.


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