(ANSA) – Rome, September 19 – President Sergio Mattarella is one of 32 heads of state and government to sign a statement called for more ambition from the international community in tackling the climate crisis ahead of the UN Climate Action Summit, which starts in New York on Monday. “Climate change is the key challenge of our time,” read the document, which was also signed by the presidents of France, Germany and South Korea. “Our generation is the first to experience the rapid increase in temperatures around the globe and probably the last with the opportunity to effectively combat an impending global climate crisis. “Based on the scientific and technical expertise as well as the financial means the world has today, we collectively have the obligation towards future generations to do everything humanly possible to stop climate change as well as to adapt to its adverse effects, respecting the need of a just transition of our societies.
    “We appeal to the international community and to all Parties to the Paris Agreement: Let us act jointly, decisively, and swiftly to stop the global climate crisis”.


Fonte: http://www.ansa.it/english/news/politics/2019/09/19/mattarella-joins-call-for-climate-action_4dff505a-67b9-4ad7-9701-72673d5c1132.html

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