More than 120 bags of garbage were collected by volunteers from Toktogul and foresters in Alatai nature park. UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

As a part of the World Cleanup Day — September 21 — UNDP organized a trip to Kara-Suu lake, which is located in Toktogul district in Alatai park.

In just a couple of hours, they collected more than 120 bags of garbage. These are mainly plastic and glass bottles, gas cans and other items left by outdoor enthusiasts.

The lake is located a three-hour drive from Bishkek-Osh highway. The road is difficult, so cars did not go there to collect garbage. Local foresters, in addition to the main work on protection of nature, have to clean up after vacationers.

As noted, Alatai nature park has great potential for development of ecotourism. The UNDP / GEF project is working on creation of tourism infrastructure, tourist routes and introduction of new areas of ecotourism, for example, birdwatching.

Alatai nature park was created in 2016. These are specially protected natural territories, which are primarily known for the habitats of endangered species of fauna and flora, including the snow leopard, white clawed bear, Semenov fir and others.


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