Rabat – The Ministry of Education has denied all rumors of hiring Senegalese teachers to end a shortage of human resources at Moroccan schools.

The rumors claimed that the ministry will resort to hiring teachers from Senegal to teach maths, English, and other scientific subjects.

The ministry shared a statement with Maghreb Arab Press (MAP), in which it described the rumors as “baseless” news.

The rumors came amid the continuous strikes of contractual teachers, whose principle demand was to be integrated as public employees.

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The government started hiring teachers under contract in 2016 to meet a shortage of teachers in public schools left by 70,000 teachers who retired.

The educators, who describe themselves as “the Forcibly Contracted Teachers,”  have been protesting since February 20. The protestors called for the abolishment of fixed-term contracts, demanding the end of “discrimination” between contractual teachers and public sector teachers.

After a few months of protests, the teachers decided to suspend the strike on April 29, for the sake of their students’ education.

The teachers, however, returned to the streets to protests just four days before the academic year began on September 1, pledging to continue the strikes.

Fonte: https://www.moroccoworldnews.com/2019/09/282673/ministry-of-education-senegalese-teachers-shortage/

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