Dozens of tourists were evacuated early Saturday morning from the villages Lourdata and Vlahata on the island of Kefalonia due to two wild fires raging in the area. Strong winds hinder the firefighters’ work.

The two fires broke out almost at the same time short before 6 o’ clock in the morning. The first fire broke out near the cemetery of Vlahata village. Short time after, a second fire broke out in Lourdata. the fires spread quickly due to the strong winds. By daylight the fire had dangerously reached the first houses of the village.

Around 8  a.m., 200 tourists were instructed to get their baggage and evacuate their accommodations  for preventive reasons. in Lourdata. The tourists are to be transferred by buses to another area. According to kefaloniapress, many tourists did not want to go.

Firefighter and volunteers rushed to the two areas. More than 40 firefighters are currently operating, assisted by aerial means.

The fact that the two fires broke out within a few minutes is a serious indication that arsonists were at work,” noted Kefalonia local media inkefalonia.

by 10 o’ clock Saturday morning, the two fire fronts are reportedly under partial control, however, firefighters continue operation fearing revival of the fires due to the strong winds blowing with over 5 Beaufort.


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