The weather in Greece is unstable over the weekend with a scent of autumn: rainfalls, thunderstorms and temperature drop.

According to National Meteorological Service EMY, rainfalls and local thunderstorms are expected on Saturday, September 7, 2019, mainly in Macedonia, North Greece but also in the mountainous and semi-mountainous parts of the rest of the mainland.

Weather Forecast Analytically:

Saturday, Sept 7, 2019

Clouds in Macedonia, rainfalls and sporadic storms as of the afternoon. Weather improvement as of the night.

In other parts of the country, clouds but also sunshine. Rainfalls and isolated thunderstorms in the West.

Sunday, Sept 8, 2019

Monday, Sept 9, 2019

Winds will be blowing South-SouthWest with intensity of 3-4 Beaufort, locally up to 5 B and up to 6B in the Aegean Sea.


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