Rabat – Three Moroccan startups won EDF Pulse Africa Tour Morocco’s prizes. The EDF Pulse Africa Tour Morocco is a competition aimed at discovering and supporting African innovators in the energy field.

Among the lucky startups, the Moroccan start-up Azolis was named winner of the 1st EDF Pulse Africa Tour Morocco in the Off-Grid power generation category.

The startup developed batteries incorporating a BMS (Battery Management System) with increased performance,  tripled lifetime, and improved resistance to dust and high temperatures. These small batteries make it possible to improve the deployment of on-grid and off-grid solar kits systems in remote locations.

The startup Winsol won the ‘Coup de Coeur’ prize (off-grid power generation category). Winsol offers a hybrid electric generator system between photovoltaic panels and wind turbines. The use of two renewable energies at once produces high-efficiency electrical energy even under unfavorable conditions.

The ‘Coup de Pouce’ prize went to Farasha Systems (Production of electrical uses and services category). Farasha Systems provides developers and operators of renewable energy plants with solar-powered drones for plants’ inspection.

The drones are equipped with a hardware system gathering data from solar and wind fields. These data are classified, processed, archived, and displayed on a digital platform allowing plant operators to manage their operating and maintenance costs optimally, while also contributing to a significant reduction in the ecological footprint.

The event was jointly organized by EDF Group and Emlyon Casablanca business school campus. The challenge, first launched in 2017, aims to support the entrepreneurial dynamic in Africa with two objectives, namely identifying potential partners and supporting innovation by involving local entrepreneurs in the development of innovative offers.

Mario Bernardo, head of North Africa zone and president of the EDF Pulse Africa jury said that “this Moroccan edition has revealed the huge potential of start-up companies in the country.”

“We are proud to encourage these Moroccan entrepreneurs, who have been able to set up ambitious projects whose foundations will be part of the energy solutions of tomorrow,” he added.

Fonte: https://www.moroccoworldnews.com/2019/09/282001/moroccan-startups-awards-edf-pulse-africa-tour/

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