Florence Welch, of Florence + The Machine (Matt Crossick/PA)

Electric Picnic organisers have warned punters looking to buy last-minute secondhand wristbands online that they will not be able to get into the grounds.

Those looking to get their hands on a wristband have flocked to Facebook groups, telling festival revellers that they are waiting in the car park with cash.

Festival-goers flogging their wristbands are being offered up to €150 online, despite a Sunday Day ticket originally priced at €95.

While most sellers are advertising the wristbands €50, desperate bidders are offering triple in a bid to nap the passes.

A spokesperson for Electric Picnic told Independent.ie that those looking to get into the Stradbally music fest will have their bands scanned at the gates, meaning security will be alerted if the original ticket holder has already entered or exited the grounds.

“The easiest way to avoid obtaining a suspect Electric Picnic ticket is to only buy from Festival Republic’s only authorised seller: Ticketmaster. If you see tickets for Electric Picnic advertised anywhere other than on Ticketmaster you stand a good chance of getting ripped off and possibly being refused entry.

“We do not issue print at home tickets, so any ticket advertised as an ‘E-Ticket’ or ‘print at home’ is most certainly a fake.

“Do not buy a ticket or a band from an unofficial source,” they advised.

Today marks the end of the weekend-long festivities, with a performance from Welsh singer, Florence and The Machine drawing the festival to a close.

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