Rabat – The Ministry of Agriculture has finally broken its silence over the “bird massacre” caused by hunting tourists near Marrakech earlier this month.

Earlier in August, photos and videos of men from the Gulf posing with more than a 1,000 hunted quails, went viral on social media. The videos and photos prompted outrage among internet users, who called for immediate intervention from the Ministry of Agriculture.

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The ministry issued a statement quoted by Moroccan television channel 2M, in which it denounced the act and said that everyone involved in the incident must be held accountable.

The statement said that the region where the hunt took place  was a lot leased to a hunting tourist company. The company is therefore responsible for the hunt.

An iInvestigation into the incident also shows irregularities related to the non compliance with the lease contract.

The contract provision stipulates that the company is required to control the hunting activity and “take full responsibility for the acts committed by its clients.”

The statement added that it has checked the validity of the photos and videos posted online. The images show a group of men posing with more than 1,000 dead quails, thrown on the ground as a result of the hunt.

The statement said that  the ministry suspended the tourist hunting license of the organizing company, “which will be prosecuted.”

The ministry finds that the investigation reported that the hunting party had killed three times the regulated quota of birds allocated for hunting.

Investigations also reveal that local forestry staff intercepted another illegal hunty party from the same company.

“The operation ended in the seizure of 36 weapons ” used for the hunt.

Fonte: https://www.moroccoworldnews.com/2019/08/281304/ministry-suspends-hunting-license-from-company-responsible-for-bird-massacre/

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