Several thousand local Muslims attend the funeral of insurgent suspect Abdulloh Esomusor at the Miftahul Jannah mosque in tambon Tabing of Sai Buri district, Pattani, on Monday morning. (Photo by Abdulloh Benjakat)

PATTANI: Thousands of Thai Muslims attended the funeral of insurgent suspect Abdulloh Esomusor, 32, in Sai Buri district, as relatives vow to demand justice for his post-interrogation death.

The body of Abdulloh was traditionally cleaned at his small elevated wooden home in Moo 3 village of tambon Tabing on Monday morning. It was moved there from Singklanagarind Hospital in Hat Yai district of Songkhla where he was pronounced dead on Sunday.

Undertakers then carried the body from the house and loaded it on a pickup truck that then travelled to Miftahul Jannah mosque in Ban Hutae Pasay village in tambon Tabing. Several thousand local Muslims attended the burial and overcrowded the mosque.

Relatives and friends of Abdulloh showed up to give moral support to his family, especially his 60-year-old mute mother who was unable to vocalise her feelings. Her eyes were swollen, apparently due to crying.

Representatives of organisations and local religious leaders were also present, but there were no government representatives aside from some paramilitary rangers who facilitated traffic flow in the vicinity of the mosque.

Some people who visited the mosque said that they were concerned about their safety amid the imposition of a special security law in the area, because Abdulloh was not the only person who died after interrogation.

Abdulloh’s relatives said they would call for progress in the government’s response to their previous complaints about his fate. A complaint was filed with Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha when he visited Yala province early this month.

Abdulloh was arrested at his house on July 20 and found unconscious at Ingkayutthaboriharn military camp in Pattani on the following day.

He was suspected of involvement in insurgent activities in Sai Buri district. He was the head of a family taking care of his 60-year-old mute mother. He and his wife had two sons, seven and two years old.

On July 22 the Region 4 Forward Command of the Internal Security Operations Command said Abdulloh was rushed to the camp’s hospital, which provided first aid before referring him to Pattani General Hospital.

The Isoc unit added that the suspect had no bruises, citing a doctors’ examination. However, his brain exhibited swelling, they said, which might have been caused by a lack of oxygen which occurred either when he passed out or during cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


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