MOSCOW, August 7. /TASS/. Russia’s Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky has proposed that the British producer of Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and founder of the Heyday Films film studio, David Heyman, shoot new movies in Russia, the minister told TASS on Wednesday.

Tarantino along with producers Shannon McIntosh and David Heyman arrived in Moscow to attend the premier of his latest film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. “David deals with the organizational side of shooting, we discussed filming of new movies in Russia,” Medinsky said.

According to him, “the producer was very interested” in this offer. “David also produced Gravity and the Paddington Bear animation movie,” the minister pointed out. Moreover, David Heyman secured the rights to turn the Harry Potter books into movies and consequently produced the eight-part series in its entirety.

Medinsky added that he and the producer had discussed financial support in the form of some sort of reimbursement (partial refund of film or TV series producing costs for shooting in a region from that region’s budget) in Russia. The minister recalled that these types of economic incentives are already offered in certain Russian regions and, as he hopes, they soon “will be available across Russia, which will entice Western filmmakers to the country.”

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was screened at the Cannes Film Festival and is scheduled to hit Russia’s cinemas on August 8. The movie is set in Los Angeles in 1969 during Charles Manson’s cult crimes and the murder of actress Sharon Tate, back then the wife of renowned Hollywood director Roman Polanski. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a struggling actor who plays in Westerns and Brad Pitt as his stunt double. Luke Perry played one of his final roles in the film before he passed away.

Quentin Tarantino is a world famous director and producer, his best works include Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Inglorious Bastards, Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight. The director has already been to Russia, in particular, he attended the 26th Moscow International Film Festival in 2004.


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