The first investigation report of the case called “Arroz Verde” (Green Rice in Spanish) was analyzed by the member of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Luis Verdesoto.

Verdesoto explained that his team used the database delivered by the digital portals La Fuente and Mil Hoja, which published a journalistic note on campaign contributions to the political party Alianza País (AP).

He also made a “manual” check-up, cross-referencing the records provided by the Internal Revenue Service (SRI) to corroborate the assets that the contributors had; in addition to the accounting presented by AP, to the National Electoral Council.

Verdesoto said that among his findings, there are at least five dubious schemes regarding financial contributions to Alianza País.

There are 78 taxpayers with donations over USD 10,000. Verdesoto said that, when reviewing the public information available to the SRI, it was found that some donors do not have a clear source of income.

Of those 78, Verdesoto noted that 28 do not have a clear heritage that supports the delivery of those resources.

The report also notes that invoices for the purchase of goods and services for the PA election campaign have unclear information.

Source: El Comercio and El Universo


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