In this photo released by Xinhua News Agency, rescue workers recover a body in the aftermath of a landslide at Pingdi Village in Shuicheng County of Liupanshui City, southwestern China’s Guizhou Province on Wednesday. (Tao Liang/Xinhua via AP)

BEIJING: The search is continuing for about two dozen missing people as the death toll rose to 20 from a landslide in southwestern China earlier this week.

State broadcaster CCTV says five more bodies have been found in Guizhou province, where the landslide buried 21 houses Tuesday night in a village in Shuicheng county. The latest victims included two women and three children.

The official Xinhua News Agency says an estimated 25 people remain unaccounted for. Eleven others have been rescued.

Another landslide earlier Tuesday left one dead and six missing at a highway construction site about 90km in Guizhou province’s Hezhang county.

Heavy seasonal rains have caused extensive flooding and landslides across much of southern China.


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