Libyan oil production complex. [Photo: Internet]

The Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced Monday the lifting of force majeure on Sharara crude oil loading from Zawiya port, following the opening of a closed valve on the pipeline connecting the Sharara oilfield to the Zawiya terminal.

“Valve 13 was reopened on Sunday evening, July 21, 2019, at 8:20 pm. The valve had been closed by unidentified group on Friday. Tests were conducted along the pipeline by NOC and Akakus Oil Operations technical teams to ensure all valves are now working. Oil production and operations restarted at 4.27am local time.” NOC said in a statement.

NOC extended its thanks to the technical staff and Petroleum Facilities Guard for their efforts to quickly reopen the pipeline.

NOC also reiterated its condemnation of “this as yet unclaimed deliberate act of sabotage.”

“Relevant authorities are continuing their search for the perpetrators.” The statement explained.


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