With the excitement in the air for the 75th Liberation festivities…the people on Guam aren’t the only ones celebrating this major event. In fact, just last week Saturday, the Guam Society of America held a fiesta in Virginia.

At the party, dozens of foil tins full of red rice, pancit, and barbecue lined the tables at the GSA’s Potluck Fiesta in Fort Belvoir. With paper plates in their hands, locals ate, mingled, and watched performances by the Guam PolyPacifica dance group. Party-goers participated in the talent showcase as well as a chacha dance competition and former Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo even took a few pictures with those at the fiesta.

The GSA’s fiesta was a testament to the fact that no matter how far you are, you can always take home with you.


Fonte: https://pacificnewscenter.com/guam-celebrates-liberation-in-the-u-s/

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