Siham Sirgiwa is a member of the House of Representatives in Libya. [Photo: Internet]

UNSMIL said Thursday it was gravely concerned by and closely following up on media reports about the disappearance of Siham Sirgiwa and the injury of her husband.

“An elected House of Representatives member, Ms. Sergewa was reportedly taken by force last night from her residence in Benghazi.” UNSMIL said.

The UN mission  in Libya called on relevant authorities to investigate the attack on Sirgiwa’s residence, her enforced disappearance, and to disclose her whereabouts.

“UNSMIL calls for the immediate release of Ms. Sergewa and her husband. Enforced disappearance, unlawful arrest and abduction based on political views or affiliations constitute a serious blow to the rule of law and blatant violations of international humanitarian and human rights law.” The statement explained.

UNSMIL stressed that silencing the voices of women in decision-making position will not be tolerated and reiterates its strong commitment to support the crucial role Libyan women play in peacemaking and peacebuilding and their full participation and involvement in the political life and decision -making.


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