A sudden rainstorm on the island of Syros on Sunday afternoon turned roads into rushing rivers and had beach goers and swimmers running to seek shelter from the storm.

The morning was sunny and nothing would hint that the weather would change all of a sudden.

The summer storm lasted about 20 minutes and its main features were very strong rainfall, storn wind and in some areas of the island also hail.

Video from Syros storm posted on social media

By Maria Kalogirou

“We need kayaks today in Ano Syros,” wrote PavlosRaouzaios who posted the following video.

Finikas by Meteorology News from Ermoupolis

With so many storms lately one can hardly belive it is mid July…

the good thing is that these summer storms do not last long.

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Fonte: https://www.keeptalkinggreece.com/2019/07/14/syros-summer-storm-july14/

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