Of the twenty productive sectors that until Thursday participated in the Macro Business Match, in Guayaquil, the one of the Aquaculture was the one that recorded the highest sales expectations during the first of the two days of event with $ 111 million, according to the Ministry of Production, Foreign Trade, Investment and Fishing, organizer of the event.

Fishing followed with $ 25 million, cocoa and processed with $ 12 million, non-traditional fruits with $ 10 million and banana and forest products with $ 8 million each.

Likewise, the agroindustry registered $ 7.5 million; flowers and plants $ 7.4 million; processed foods $ 6.8 million; handicrafts, hats and buttons tagua $ 3.3 million, plastics $ 1.1 million, among other sectors.

In general, the evaluation of the first day – Wednesday – showed a total of $ 209.2 million in sales expectations, informed Roberto Intriago, vice minister of Promotion of Exports and Investments.

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The Ministry set a target of $ 300 million for the two days of the macro-round and it was expected to reach that figure after the close of this Thursday, when the more than 5,400 business appointments that were agreed, which included among the more than 600 exporters, were completed. Ecuadorians to 27 organizations of the Popular and Solidarity Economy.

For example, Fanny Tapia, representative of Bibilak Artesanía y Tradición of the canton Biblián (Cañar), managed to close an order for handmade bags to Mexico. Meanwhile, Óscar Muñoz, from Hydrogen, a firm dedicated to the export of cleaning products for vehicles, made contacts with buyers from the United States, Peru and the Czech Republic.



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