Maputo — Mozambique’s General Inspectorate of Labour (ICT) during May suspended 30 foreign workers who were working illegally in various companies in Maputo.

A press release from the Maputo City Labour Directorate claimed that these inspections culminated in dismantling a network of employing illegal foreign labour in service, commercial and building companies. Of the 30 foreigners working illegally, 16 were in building companies.

Of the illegal workers, 26 (or 87 per cent) were Chinese, working for the companies CIGICOP, Jin Xim Aluminium, China Jiangsun International e a Ting Trading. There were also three Pakistanis and one Portuguese found to be working illegally.

The City Labour Directorate said the companies concerned were asked to explain the situation of the illegal workers, and when no plausible explanation was forthcoming, the inspectorate thought it had no alternative but to suspend them.

The Mozambican labour law prioritises the employment of Mozambican workers. Companies may only employ foreign labour when they cannot find qualified Mozambican workers for the job. There is a quota system for the employment of foreign workers, and to employ foreigners in excess of the quota, companies must seek authorisation from the Labour Ministry.


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