(ANSA) – Rome, June 2 – European Commission Vice President
for the Euro Valdis Dombrovskis told Sky Tg24 Friday that “it is
important for Italy to correct the fiscal trajectory, otherwise
there will be an (infringement) procedure”.
He said “we are open to dialogue but first a correction in
necessary in this case.”
Dombrovksis added “the government’s strategy on fiscal
stimuli to boost the economy, it is not working.
“Instead of the awaited fiscal stimulus, the Italian economy
has slowed down significantly and now Italy is the country that
is growing the slowest in Europe, only 0.1%.
He said “the procedure for excessive deficit regards this
year and the next year and therefore reflects the decisions of
this government, like deciding to raise the budget deficit, this
year, which has brought negative consequences on the Italian
As for last year, he said, “the government changed in June,
so the responsibility is shared”.


Fonte: http://www.ansa.it/english/news/business/2019/06/07/first-corrective-budget-then-dialogue_a8c269f8-6f19-4861-8281-36de35a4b6ae.html

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