Rabat – Moroccan police has arrested six suspects for alleged exam fraud in Casablanca, Agadir, and Marrakech.

Moroccan police launched a large anti-exam fraud campaign, which resulted in the arrest of six people in possession of devices used to facilitate cheating during exams a few days before the Baccalaureate exam.

According to Morocco’s Ministry of Education, 441,065 Moroccan students will sit for the Baccalaureate exam which will take place from June 11-14.

“A proactive security operation resulted in the seizure of state-of-the-art devices used in exam fraud…Six suspects were arrested in Agadir, Casablanca, and Marrakech,” General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) tweeted.

All suspects were apprehended in possession of electronic devices used to facilitate cheating in Baccalaureate and university exams.

A university student in Agadir was caught in possession of 14 electronic devices.

In Casablanca, authorities seized 37 headsets, and in Marrakech, three university students were apprehended in possession of the same devices.

Fonte: https://www.moroccoworldnews.com/2019/06/275331/moroccan-police-dgsn-exam-fraud-baccalaureate/

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