Sanam Chai is one of the new MRT stations on the Blue Line extension from Hua Lamphong to Lak Song. (Photo by Pawat Laopaisarntaksin)

Mother’s Day on Aug 12 this year has been picked for the official launch of the MRT extension service from Hua Lamphong to Tha Phra before expanding to the last station a month later.

Deputy Transport Minister Pailin Chuchottaworn said the official launch date of the Blue Line extension from Hua Lamphong to Tha Phra has been set for Aug 12.

Trial runs will start in July, according to the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA).

MRTA governor Pakapong Sirikantaramas said the Tha Phra-Lak Song section is scheduled to open in September this year. The Hua Lamphong-Tha Phra section is part of the extension to Lak Song.

Another extension, from Tao Pun to Tha Phra, will be operated by Bangkok Expressway and Metro Plc under the concession of the MRTA. It is expected to open in March next year after a test run starting December this year, Mr Pakapong said.

The MRT Blue Line, now running from Hua Lamphong to Tao Pun for a distance of 21km, transports 350,000 passengers a day. When all extensions are completed, its ridership should more than double to 800,000 a day.


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