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A video of a desperate debt collector kneeling outside an office, before begging and singing aloud in an attempt to get the debtor to repay his loan, is circulating on social media.

The video was first published online by Facebook group ‘SG Kay Poh’ and has since garnered over 100,000 views. It has since been re-posted to other groups and pages on Facebook.

In the video, the debt collector can be seen walking along a corridor before reaching the glass doors outside an office. The debt collector is filmed from behind and it looks like he may have gotten an accomplice to film his actions.

As soon as he arrives outside the office, the debt collector kneels and starts singing aloud. A woman can be seen peeking from inside the office to see what is happening. As the debt collector continues to sing, a man clutching a phone can be seen pacing between a few rooms within the office.

The man inside the office finally pays attention to what is happening outside and looks at the debt collector. At this point, the debt collector clasps his hands together and begins to loudly beg.

The man inside the office calls for a coworker, who opens the door slightly to pass a few pieces of paper to the debt collector. The debt collector simply continues begging and singing loudly after his accomplice takes the papers.

Watch the video here:

Fonte: http://theindependent.sg/desperate-debt-collector-kneels-begs-and-sings-aloud-outside-debtors-office/

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