New Netflix romcom Always Be My Maybe is turning heads thanks to a surprising cameo.

Written by and starring Ali Wong, the new film – inspired by When Harry Met Sally… – follows two former childhood friends who lose touch and reconnect 16 years later, with their lives in wildly different states.

Wong’s character is a successful restaurateur who finds herself forced to navigate San Francisco’s dating scene – a twist that marks the arrival of John Wick actor Keanu Reeves as an extremely heightened version of himself.

Reeves isn’t in the film for very long, but – in 15 minutes – the Speed star shows that he’s not afraid to send himself up.

But, how did he come to be a part of the film? Wong wanted to cast Reeves as it was important to her that all of her love interests be Asian-American.

“In everything I do it’s very important to show my attraction and desire towards Asian-American men,” she told PEOPLE.

The fortunate news was that it turned out Reeves is a big fan of Wong’s standup. She revealed that, shortly after meeting Reeves in Los Angeles to discuss his potential involvement, the actor later accepted by writing her a note that read: “I would be honoured to be a part of your love story.”  

Wong also revealed that many of Reeves’ funniest moments were improvised.

“The part where he’s listing off all those Chinese dignitaries, that was his idea. And then the part where he’s like, ‘I don’t have a problem Sasha, what’s your problem?’ and starts air fighting, he improvised that as well.”

Wong stars in the film alongside Randall Park and Lost actor Daniel Dae Kim.


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