Switzerland set for a sunny weekend. Image: Depositphotos/anyaberkut

Some Swiss regions will experience up to 30C heat this weekend, as meteorology experts declare that ‘summer is on the way’.

Switzerland has experienced a cold spring, with record snowfall in May – but this weekend’s weather is set to finally kick start summer. 

Temperatures are predicted to rise to 30 degrees in some areas around the Valais, Basel and Rhone Valley regions, with most of Switzerland set for temperatures between 25 to 28 degrees, according to weather agency experts at MeteoNews and SRF Meteo. 

Image: A translated Tweet from the SRF Meteo Twitter page.

Image: A translated Tweet from the MeteoNews Twitter page.

The warmer weather is a result of a change in the atmosphere. According to the Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology and Climate on Thursday, “a high-pressure area from the Alps will expand to Switzerland, causing the air mass to dry up.”

A six-day overview of Switzerland’s weather reveals that Wednesday will remain overcast in most parts of Switzerland, with Southern Switzerland the first region to slowly warm up with highs of 22 degrees. 

Image: The Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology and Climate

Although the weekend delivers great news for sun lovers,  Monday is predicted to be heavily overcast with some chance of rain. 


Fonte: https://www.thelocal.ch/20190529/summer-is-on-the-way-switzerland-set-for-hot-weather-over-holiday-weekend

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