Guam – 18-year-old Alis-R Afa has been missing since Saturday, and her family is seeking the community’s help in finding her.

Afa’s mother Elisie said that she dropped her daughter Alis-R in Chamorro Village at around 7:30 in the evening on Saturday. Alis-R wanted to meet up with friends and attend a public event at the Paseo grounds.

While Alis-R was supposed to catch a ride home, her mother learned that Alis-R’s friends ended up not going to Chamorro Village.

Alis-R never made it home that night. She has not been seen or heard from since. Her mother said that Alis-R was a homebody and this is unusual.

Elisie described her daughter as around 5’7 in height, 160 pounds, and very light skinned. She has long brown hair all the way down to her back.

When she left home, Alis-R was wearing light blue acid wash jeans with black tennis shoes and a gray hoodie shirt.

The family filed a missing persons report with the Guam Police Department. They are also asking the community for any information that could lead to finding Alis-R. If you have information regarding her whereabouts, please contact Elisie at 998-6522 or 488-3489.



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