“Every state should realize that international relations are based first of all on own interests,” political analyst, the head of International Center for Human Development Tevan Poghosyan stated today at the discussion titled “Armenia-Russia: Seeking new prospects” underway in Yerevan.

Speaking of the opportunities and challenges in relations with Russia, Poghosyan suggested to open centers of Russian studies in Armenian universities, noting there are no specialized centers in Armenia also complaining about the lack of respective specialists in the country.

“We are expected not to conceal the existing problems or hope for individuals to come for help using own ties but establish a system since we have formed a statehood and should work through institutions,” Poghosyan said.

In the analyst’s words, Russia is changing over the time, and dealing with it requires developing of scenarios of developments, adapting them to the changes inside Russia.

“Russia is an interesting phenomenon with its mentality, institutes, different layers. Even though there is the one who collects all information and makes decisions, we should understand how the information is gathered what sources are used, and work with those sources,” Poghosyan, said, adding not the friendship and genetics but interest matter in international politics.

Fonte: https://www.panorama.am/en/news/2019/05/25/Tevan-Poghosyan/2119740

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