Houses have been evacuated and schools remain closed in the prefecture of Ilia, south-west Peloponnese due to intensive seismic activity in the area in the last ten days. Locals are extremely concerned, while seismologists closely monitor the phenomenon.

An earthquake stroke the town of Andravida with a magnitude of 4.4 R on Tuesday afternoon and sent the residents on the streets. The tremor damaged homes and businesses and even the cemetery of the town.

Authorities gave tents to residents who had to evacuate their homes.

Tombs were opened, crosses and other marble items were cracked and detached, creating a macabre scenery.

Video: Andravida cemetery

Upon the decision of the deputy governor of ilia, schools in the municipalities of Andravida-Killini, Pinia and Ilida will remain closed on Wednesday and Thursday. According to local media patrisnews and ilialive. two schools suffered damages, among them also the Gymnasium of Andravida with cracks to have appeared on the walls.

The governor of the area has called on the central government to declare “state of emergency.”

Local authorities and the coordinating body of the Civil Protection have been holding continuous meetings.

The director of Greek Earthquake Planning and Protection agency Eftimios Lekkas who is in the area has assured the residents that they closely monitor the phenomenon and that ther eis no big threat for the area. “Option that the phenomenon develops negatively are very small,” Lekkas stressed.


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