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Looks like another tech giant is jumping on the foldable display trend.

Right after Samsung’s ambitious yet embarrassing launch of its Galaxy Fold, Lenovo teased with a preview of its latest product, the “worlds first foldable PC.” The company made the announcement last Monday (May 13) during the Accelerate conference in Orlando, Florida.

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The yet unnamed device is part of Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 line of premium laptops marketed to “highly mobile, tech-savvy professionals.” The design and functionality of the new foldable laptop promises access to and the convenience of “a large comfortable screen even on the go.”

Lenovo’s new foldable PC is a game changer that is neither a phone, tablet, nor any similar device but a “full-fledged laptop with a foldable screen. The tech company also envisions the new foldable device not just as a supplemental gadget but as a replacement for laptops altogether.

The foldable laptop has a 13.3-inch diagonal display with a 4 by 3 aspect ratio on full screen and turns into a 9.6-inch display when folded. The polymer screen is made of a single OLED 2k display along with LG Display. The laptop will run on Windows and will be powered by Intel. Lenovo added that the current prototype has a battery on one side only, specifying a top and bottom to the device.

Critics are impressed with initial reviews of the prototype. While Samsung and Huawei are developing their own foldable phones and devices, they are essentially making an already handy smartphone bigger. Lenovo, in contrast, is taking the functionality of a PC and making it smaller.

Lenovo plans to release all product details, pricing, and availability by 2020./TISG

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