Fernando Villavicencio, one of the investigators of the report Arroz Verde 502, who talks about the contributions of multinational companies to the PAIS Alliance campaign, said in an interview with Radio City that the publication in the portals La Fuente and Mil Hojas was hardly published. of the prosecutor Diana Salazar, who asked her to provide documents and possible evidence.

Villavicencio mentioned that he already met with Salazar and recalled that this is not the first time he addresses this issue. “Remember that in the year 2018 the La Fuente portal already made a first investigation that talks about very important transfers, payments made by Odebrecht to the company Nexo Global, a company linked to Pamela Martínez, her husband (Jimmy Salazar) and other relatives “

For the researcher, the most recent report published this weekend has very precise information on the role of the two people who are now in custody: Martínez, exjueza constitutional and ex-adviser to former President Rafael Correa, prosecuted for illicit association, bribery and influence peddling in “real contest of infractions”; and in the same situation Laura T., one of her collaborators.

Husband of ex-adviser of Rafael Correa speaks of persecution and abuse of the right by order of prison
“We sustain a large part of our work (the report) in an extensive report sent in 2014 by Laura T., through an email called Recipe 502 Green Rice to Pamela Martinez, where dozens of invoices, emails, Excel charts and accounting settlements on the handling of 11.6 million dollars collected mainly by Jorge Glas, Maria de los Angeles Duarte and Walter Solis, “he said.

Consulted by the reaction of former President Rafael Correa, who pointed out a supposed error in the dates because the report says that the contributions are from November 2013 to February 2014, when the presidential election had already passed, Villavicencio replied: “The answer he Twitter confirms the accuracy of the report because it does not deny campaign contributions, but on dates it is he who is totally wrong.As he reads quickly, product of despair, he does not understand that, indeed, the report Arroz Verde 502 sent by Laura T Pamela Martínez has an accounting management from November 2013 to February 2014, but the documents that exist in said report are from 2011, that is, there are contributions called volunteers, which in the end are bribes, of the years 2011, 2012 and 2013, which include the presidential campaign of the binomial Correa-Glas “.

Alleged contributions of Odebrecht to Alianza PAIS are investigated by the Office of the Prosecutor
But something more precise and forceful, according to Villavicencio “is the existence of documents where it is proved that who gives the orders and manages the decisions of Pamela Martínez is Rafael Correa because she was his assistant, so he could not act with autonomy”.

Finally, Villavicencio said that the same mechanism continued in Alianza PAIS for the last presidential campaign before splitting between correístas and morenistas.

“I have made two publications that link to the presidential circle of Lenin Moreno where there are payments of $ 18.3 million from the same company that pays Correa: Sinohydro, who pays Conto Pazmiño, a personal friend of Moreno, who has in his environment a labyrinth of offshore companies … And it can also be seen that there are campaign contributions for the last presidential process of Moreno and Glas that have not been reported to the CNE, that is, we are seeing something similar between the case of Arroz Verde and the case INA Pappers, for that reason the prosecutor Salazar also has to keep an eye on these contributions for the campaign of (Lenín) Moreno and (Jorge) Glas, “he said. (I)



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