The income of the company Nexoglobal, linked to Pamela Martínez, ex-adviser of Rafael Correa, multiplied by five between 2013 and 2015. In those years, according to a report of the Internal Revenue Service cited by the Prosecutor’s Office, its main client was the multinational Odebrecht, construction company investigated along with other state contractors for alleged illegal payments that financed the campaign for the re-election of Rafael Correa in 2013.

In the period 2013-2015, the company recorded revenues of $ 681,000, according to reports from Nexoglobal, a company dedicated to legal services and created in 2010 by the brothers Carlos and Monica Cordones Cadena, a merchant and a student accountant who had worked in the Association of Employees of the Superintendence of Companies.

Mónica Cordones is mentioned in an email exchanged between Pamela Martínez and her assistant Laura Terán, both detained. According to the La Fuente and Mil Hojas pages, Cordones would have lent his bank account for Martínez’s financial management.

Defenders of Pamela Martínez say that due process has not been followed in case of contributions to AP
In 2010 and 2011, Nexoglobal reported no sales. In 2012 it registered its first income for $ 31,000, money that the following year reached $ 167,500, in 2014 it reached $ 393,500 and in 2015 it reported $ 120,000. The manager, Gregorio Castellanos, who signed the economic reports, did not attend the calls of this newspaper.

With the revenues of 2014, the reports indicate, Nexoglobal acquired an office valued at $ 30,000. Most of the company’s expenses were concentrated on salaries, allowances and social benefits for its employees, four of which are relatives of Martínez.

Among them, her son as administrator, a brother with the position of assistant, another brother was head of sales and also in a leadership role her husband, Jimmy Salazar Gaspar, former candidate for prefect of Guayas by the Social Justice movement and president of the College of Lawyers of the Guayas.

Husband of ex-adviser of Rafael Correa speaks of persecution and abuse of the right by order of prison
Next to the old headquarters of that guild, in Kennedy Norte, Nexoglobal worked, a company that today has offices on the first floor of the Pacific Plaza building of the Parque Empresarial Colón. A guard said yesterday that he did not see any employees arrive. “In that company very little come to work,” he said.

This newspaper contacted Pamela Martínez in December to ask about Odebrecht’s alleged payments to Nexoglobal and about the family ties: “I can not answer for other people, you have to ask my husband, he does not speak for me and I do not speak for him … If (the questions) are still irrelevant, I will not attend to them. “

However, Martínez admitted that Nexoglobal’s manager, Gregorio Castellanos, was his lawyer in the divorce suit of his ex-husband Eduardo Lindao, who since 2009 works in the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works.

The list of beneficiaries of the Brazilian Odebrecht does include his brother Mauricio with $ 63,000, in the 2013-2015 period. He did not respond to calls from this Journal.

Martinez defense expects test advances to be included
Meanwhile, the defense of Pamela Martínez is waiting for the Prosecutor’s Office to include in the procedural file all the test advances, legally obtained, to rule on an imputation.

As of noon on Tuesday, the Prosecutor General’s Office had not ordered expert reports or summoned them to submit their statements, said one of the defendant’s lawyers, Gustavo García. (I)



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