The covers of the three special wraps staring from Saturday (left), Sunday (centre) and Monday to mark His Majesty the King’s coronation.

Joining the whole nation to celebrate the coronation of King Rama X, the Bangkok Post has produced three special publications to mark the grand event.

From Saturday until Monday, the Post will each day feature a special full-colour wrap-around printed on glossy art paper. The special publication will be free of charge with the regular newspaper and will contain all important details of the historic event.

The edition on Saturday features a detailed breakdown of the coronation and the history of the ceremonies,  which date back to the early Rattanakosin era. There are also stories explaining the purification and anointing ceremonies, in which water takes centre stage, and the Assumption of the Royal Residence.

The royal regalia — the majestic items presented to the King during the coronation as the symbol of his reign — will be featured in the special supplement on Sunday, accompanied by elaborate graphics showcasing time-honoured traditional patterns and designs befitting the dignity and status of the King.

This issue also has stories about the inscription of the Royal Golden Plaque and the engraving of the Royal Seal of State performed as part of the coronation rite.

On the final day of the coronation, the Post supplement will feature stories on the history of the King’s public audience and the Suddhaisavarya Prasad Throne Hall. The publication also brings together memorabilia created and released by various organisations in honour of the country’s most auspicious occasion.


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