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APIA, SAMOA – TUESDAY 30 APRIL 2019: The Animal Protection Society Inc. (APS) of Samoa today launched a new Community Awareness Program – ‘Pets are Family’ to promote awareness about responsible pet ownership.

APS Chairperson, Dr. Joan Macfarlane explained that “a responsible pet owner makes sure their pets have the things they need to lead a healthy and happy life.”

Dr. Macfarlane said that APS is trying to encourage pet owners to ensure their pets’ 5 basic needs are met.  The 5 basic needs are: 1) food and water; 2) shelter; 3) vet care; 4) de-sexing; and, 5) play and companionship.

“If we are able to provide these things for our pets they will be loyal companions and easier to look after because they won’t get sick as often,” said Dr. Macfarlane.

Prior to today’s launch, APS ran a slogan competition to get ideas from the community for a catch-phrase to spearhead the awareness program.  Sixty-six entries were submitted. One theme recurred throughout these varied entries and this was around the idea that pets are just like part of the family.

“We realized that family is such an important part of Samoan culture and people who love their pets tend to think of them as part of the family,” said Dr. Macfarlane. APS wants to promote this idea and get more people to start to think of their pets as part of the family.

(L-R) Tu’u Fu’a Hazelman (APS Board Member), Aniva Clarke (Slogan Competition winner), Dr. Joan Macfarlene (APS Chairperson) and U.S. Embassy, Acting Chargé d’Affaires – Katelyn Choe. Photo provided

The winning slogan and the winner of the slogan competition were announced today at APS Clinic in Vailima by the Acting Charge d’Affaires for the US Embassy, Ms. Katelyn Choe.

Aniva Clarke submitted several entries for the slogan competition.  One of these was “Treat animals like your family members”. The judges felt this captured perfectly, the sentiment APS is trying to express but that it was a little too long to be a catchy slogan.  So, they combined it with another of Aniva’s entries to come up with the slogan “Pets are Family”.  Aniva Clarke was announced the slogan competition winner and awarded an APS t-shirt plus two free de-sexing operations at APS Clinic.

The APS Community Awareness Program was made possible through funding provided under the U.S. Embassy’s small grants program.  The grant has enabled APS to produce radio advertisements and a series of educational brochures in both English and Samoan.  There are also t-shirts and tote bags displaying the slogan “Pets are Family”.  These materials will be used for community education over the next few months at community events in Apia as well as in villages on Upolu and Savaii.

For information about your pets and their needs or other veterinary services, call APS Clinic on 22403 between 9.00am and 3.00pm from Monday to Friday. 

Contact person for more information: Joan Macfarlane 7251061/


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