DA leader Mmusi Maimane (AFP)

DA leader Mmusi Maimane says if black professionals don’t put their faith in his party during next week’s polls, they risk “exacerbating” the issue of black tax.

Black tax is a term coined to define financial support to extended family within black communities.

Maimane insists the DA, which is the largest opposition party in the country, is the only real alternative that can help revive South Africa’s ailing economy and build a capable state.

While some young professionals remain undecided about who to vote for, others believe it can never be the DA, due to its historical background and a deep belief that the party does not put black communities and their struggles at the forefront.

Maimane, who hails from Dobsonville, Soweto, told News24 in an interview ahead of the May general elections that he could relate to the black tax issue.

“If we don’t have this vision of putting a job in every home, of building a capable state then this issue of black tax will be exacerbated even more, as more people join the ranks of unemployment,” said Maimane.

In giving his observations to this continued stance against his party, Maimane said he did not believe some professionals had a proper look at the work the DA has done in the government and in fighting corruption.

“I also have great sympathy for many professionals who find themselves in centres of work they come in and they say: ‘Actually, at this place of work I am overlooked because of our historical injustices,’ or ‘I’ve got a PA of a different race, who earns more money than me yet I am much more professional than them,'” said Maimane.

“I think as the DA we’ve been misunderstood in believing that what we’ve got to do is build places that are diverse. We’ve got to ensure we build this dream of one South Africa for all,” he said, adding that there was a need to address inequality, and inequality borne out of race.

The DA leader said he believed both professionals and ordinary South Africans were receiving his party’s message well and realising this was the only way to grow the country’s economy.

He said many were starting to rethink their own views of the opposition party and starting to see it as an organisation that could take their hopes and aspirations forward.

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Fonte: https://www.news24.com/Elections/News/maimane-urges-black-professionals-to-trust-the-da-to-reduce-black-tax-20190430

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