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Gordon Secondary School students in Port Moresby contributed to bring a Mt Hagen-based clergyman for their second-term dedication service last Wednesday.
Principal George Kenega said the students contributed K2 each to bring Rev Berry Tina of PNG Bible Church (PNGBC) from Mt Hagen to Port Moresby to talk to them.
He said the students’ representative council (SRC) and deputy principal James Hape collected more than K2000 from students to pay for Tina’s return ticket.
Tina was accompanied to the school by the PNGBC’s Port Moresby-based band.
“The dedication service is a special one because most of the students want to use this occasion to do away with unproductive activities such as generation name passing, bad behaviour, high absenteeism, jumping over fences etc,” Kenega said.
“After this service, they want to concentrate on their studies and cut off from all unproductive activities.”
He said this was the first time for students to put together their money and bring a clergyman from outside of Port Moresby to talk to them.
“We usually have two dedication services every term: one at the start of the term and one at the end of the term,” he said.
“All these times, we have invited pastors of different church denominations within Port Moresby only, however, this time, our students through their own initiative brought in a pastor from outside National Capital District.
“I thank Rev Tina and his delegation for accepting our invitation to come and have the dedication service with the staff and students of Gordon Secondary School.
“I also thank the SRC and my deputy (Hape) for organising this occasion with the students.”


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