When Omar al-Bashir wanted protection from rivals during his long rule as president of Sudan, he turned to Mohammad Hamdan Dagalo, a commander of widely feared Arab militias. Gen. Dagalo, who goes by the nickname Hemedti, could soon become the most powerful man in Sudan himself following the military coup that ousted his old ally on April 11, Western diplomats and opponents say.

As deputy head of the Transitional Military Council set up by the military to run Sudan for up to two years until elections, he has become the second most powerful man in the country.

With the TMC under pressure from the opposition and protesters to hand power to civilians swiftly, Hemedti and other generals risk being sidelined soon.

A coalition of protesters and opposition groups said Sunday the TMC was not serious about handing over power to civilians.

A senior Western diplomat said it was unlikely the TMC would hand over power to civilians.

Fonte: http://www.dailystar.com.lb//News/Middle-East/2019/Apr-24/481751-sudanese-militia-commander-waits-in-wings-after-president-ousted.ashx

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